Confidential Personal Representation for Entrepreneurs, SMEs & Other Businesses. Undertaking a wide variety of assignments covering a range of business services and functions.

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Business Address – London Office
Richard J. Clarke - Trading as QuikSolv Consulting (QSC).
Third Floor,
207 Regent Street,
W1B 3HH,
United Kingdom
Directory information – Confidential Personal Representation.
QuikSolv Consulting (QSC).
ASSISTING - Clients who are Entrepreneurs, Independent Business People, SMEs, Artiste Management, Celebrity Management, Sports Personality Management, Family Offices, Sovereign Wealth Funds, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Investors, Investment Fund Managers.
PROVIDING - Representation, Problem Solving, Effective Solutions, Consultancy, Advice, Concierge Services, Business Services.
THE PROBLEM - Successful entrepreneurs and business people often encounter difficulties when urgent, important, confidential or sensitive tasks must be undertaken, but their packed schedules and other important commitments prevent them from dealing with such matters themselves. There are also occasions when certain sensitive tasks are best undertaken by someone other than a permanent staff member or one of the Client's usual professional advisers.

THE SOLUTION - I provide a professional service on a part-time, ad hoc basis, available at short notice to act for Clients as their Confidential Personal Representative or Personal Envoy, prepared to undertake urgent, important, confidential or sensitive assignments on their behalf, or carry out office-based research, reviews, analysis & report preparation.

POTENTIAL CLIENTS - My professional services will usually be of interest to Clients who are: Successful Independent Business People; Artiste, Celebrity or Sports Personality Management Companies; Family Offices; Hedge Funds; Private Equity Funds; Investment Fund Managers; Sovereign Wealth Funds.

POTENTIAL ASSIGNMENTS - The assignments which I undertake for Clients could include a very wide range of tasks, but in general the majority of routine assignments will usually fall into one or more of the following categories: Concierge Services; Attending Formal Meetings, Informal Discussions & Interviews; Attending Shareholder Meetings as Proxy; Non-Executive Director Appointments; Acting as Nominee Shareholder; Liaison with Professional Advisers; Liaison with Financial Institutions; Liaison with Government Departments & NGOs; Fact Finding Visits; UK & Offshore Company Formation; Offshore Trusts & Financial Structures; UK Virtual Offices; Domain Name Registration & Management; UK & Overseas Property Management; Collection, Transfer & Delivery of Documents; Investigation & Tracing; Organisation & Co-ordination; Reviewing Documents & Contracts; Research, Reviews & Analysis.